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How to set up and use SFTP!

We here at Rablat Global Network value your data, as well as our own. This is why we have recently switched to SFTP, a more secure way of transferring files.

Rather than explain over and over again how to use SFTP, we've put together this quick and dirty guide to setting it up and using it in Windows.

First off, you will need a client that supports FTP over SSH2. The only one for windows that we know of at this point is FileZilla. Follow this link to download the setup file. You'll probably want the latest version (top of the list) - You'll get a list with several choices beginning with "FileZilla_3.x_etc. Download the one with 'setup.exe' at the end of it.

The installer is more or less self-explanatory. It will give you some options- it's probably safe to just click 'next' to everything. When it asks you about 'secure mode,' read the messages carefully. This has nothing to do with SFTP, but rather how FileZilla stores passwords. If you're installing this on a public computer you're probably not going to want it to remember passwords. If on your own machine, you may want it to for convenience.

When the installer is complete, it will place an icon on the desktop to double-click, as well as one in the start menu. Double-click it. FileZilla will start up. If it doesn't... something is wrong.

Now, we're going to set up the connection.

Go to the 'File' menu and select "Site Manager..." (Alternatively, you can hit CTRL+S).

In the window that comes up, hit the button towards the bottom left that says "New Site."

In the box right above that button, a new icon will appear with "New FTP site" hilighted next to it. Name the connection something like "Rablat SFTP," or whatever you want to call it.

Next, click in the box on the upper right hand side of the window labeled "Host:" - Type in 'ftp.rablat.net' without the quotes. Right under that is a drop-down menu named 'Servertype:' - click on this and select "SFTP using SSH2."

Under the 'Servertype' dropdown is a boxed-in area called 'Logontype.' Select 'Normal.'

Now click in the white text box named 'User:' and put in your user or account name. This is the ~whatever part of the URL for home pages, and the whatever@ before email addresses.

Under that box is the box to enter your password. This may be greyed out if you opted to have FileZilla never remember passwords. If not, type in your password here.

Click "Connect." It may prompt you about remembering this host's key. Agree to do this.

If all goes well it should bring up your local computer's directory tree on the left, and your Rablat webspace directory tree on the right.

Anything you want to be accessible from the web you need to put in the "html" directory. You can either double-click on the folder called "html" before uploading or alternatively add an "html/" to the "/home/whatever/" on top of the directory tree after the text "Remote Site:".

After this, the site profile will be stored in the Site Manager, accessible from the File menu (or CTRL+S) every time you start up FileZilla, so you won't have to go through these steps *every* time. Just once.

From here on out it will act just like a normal FTP client. If you have any further questions feel free to email, IM, or call me.


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If you are having problems setting up SFTP, here's a guide.


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