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RGN Terms of Service

Webspace / homedir / ftp

While we aren't (currently) enforcing disk quotas, remember that you share disk space with all other users on this system, so be considerate. Also remember that our limited bandwidth is shared not only with your fellow users but the administration of the network as well, so any such abuse of bandwidth - for example, excess upload/download of large (or huge numbers of small) files -- will be frowned upon. If a users' webspace/webpage(s) begin to generate an excess of traffic, that site may be asked to move elsewhere. Just a warning.

Your FTP username and password is, with few exceptions, to be kept to yourself. If many connections via FTP originating from multiple or suspicious hosts for any one user are noticed, said account risks suspension or termination. This means: no 'data havens,' xftp transfers, etc. Note that your FTP password is also your email password, and your SSH password, so giving this out to people not only represents a security risk to your own account, but to the entire system.

Under no circumstances is your web/ftp space to be used for the storage or distribution of illegal material. This includes running an ftp 'warez' service, sharing MP3's (unless they are not copyrighted, or you own the copyright to the material, obviously), and anything more obvious. If there are any questions, contact the administrator.

Along with the previous rule, your webspace is not to be used for any sort of illegal activity such as running scams, etc.

This should be blatantly obvious unless you're retarded.

Your webspace should not be used in any way to generate profit for yourself or any third party. Essentially, if you or someone else stands to make money through use of my resources (disk space, processor cycles, bandwidth, etc.) then such activity is forbidden. This includes selling anything from your rablat webspace, advertising from it (for yourselves or others) or any other activities such as this. If you have doubts, contact the administrator.

We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend any account we feel is in violation of the above rules without warning.

Though, since we're not complete assholes, usually a warning will be given through your rablat.net email address beforehand.

E-Mail accounts and webmail.

E-Mail accounts are not to be used for SPAM. Any sort of mass, unsolicited emailing originating from our server will be investigated and the offending user's account termintated without warning. Duh.

Going along with the "no-profit" rule for webspace, email is not to be used in any way to generate profit for yourself or any third party, the only exception being occasional use with ebay or other auction sites. Running a 'home business' through auction sites using our service is not, however, permitted.

Though there is no size limit for attachments that can be sent or recieved through our server, we ask that in order to conserve disk space that you download and save attachments to a local drive and delete them off of our servers. We also ask that, for those of you who use primarily IMAP or webmail, to purge your trash folder at least once a week. If it's trash, there's no need to keep it taking up disk space. If you're keeping important email in your trash, you're retarded.

Again, if any violation of the above conditions is suspected, we shall suspend or terminate the offending account.

SSH and shell accounts

We ask that you keep your processes friendly and nice... no distributed computing clients (we're running our own, thanks) or otherwise using our processor cycles to gain profit (or status?) - which goes with the above no-money-making rules.

Please keep background processes sane. Eggdrops are welcome, as long as they're relatively non-bloaty. Things like bit-torrent, mass downloaders, or anything else that's going to sit around hogging up bandwidth and processor cycles will be crushed like a bug.

Malicious things, like dDoS scripts/bots, script-kiddie-"hacking" shit, number crunchers, brute-force password crackers, etc, will not be tolerated.

Again, we reserve the right to terminate offending accounts, blah blah blah.

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